CYCLING CLOTHING: Unraveling the Basics

Cycling clothing, like any athletic wear, is technically designed to perform during your cycling activities. The right clothing will keep you warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer as well as provide you with the comfort and protection you need while enjoying your bike.

Here are our top 5 basic clothing items to get you started:


HELMET: A current, U.S. CPSC safety rated helmet is a must when you’re riding. 


GLOVES: Protect your hands in case of a fall. Look for a gel pad to keep from getting numbness during your ride.


JERSEY: A cycling jersey should fit comfortably snug and have pockets along the back for nutrition, tubes, keys and other essentials.


SHORTS/BIBS: Cycling shorts should also fit snug and have a comfortable chamois. Look for something with flat lock stitching and multiple panels for ease of movement.


SHOES: Cycling shoes, unlike tennis shoes, provide a stiff platform for your foot. This platform provides a better power transfer to the pedal and can reduce foot fatigue.






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